DJ Event Planner | About Us and our Online Event Management Software

About DJ Event Planner

DJ Event Planner is a web based organization tool, which includes a suite of website plug-ins that you can use on your current website. These website tools add amazing functionality to your site.

The website tools are customizable so they match the look and feel of your current website, allowing you to set it up so that your clients will never know the event planner tools are hosted on our servers. You can add your own logo, change the colors, and customize the wording for these tools.

Our Beginnings

The concept for the web based software began in the late 90's when the founder added some dynamic interactive features to his mobile dj company website. The first features were an availability checker, music database, and contact form. The next phase saw the creation of the disc jockey search engine -

The site started out as a simple search engine that offered site visitors the ability to search for a DJ in their area. The search algorithm was cutting edge at the time, employing a zipcode database backend and a few fancy geometric calculations to come up with the correct results

Troy Ackerman - The Lead Developer

The lead developer and founder of dj event planner (djep) isĀ Troy Ackerman. Troy has been a mobile disc jockey for 19 years and was a full-time single-op dj for 10 years. He attends several dj conventions per year, is active on the dj forums, is member of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA), National Assocation of Mobile Entertainers (NAME), and he is also, a founding member of the Midwest Association of Professional Disc Jockeys (MAPDJ).

Troy's technical qualifications include an A+/Network+ certification, a Computer Science degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris, and extensive self-education in the programming field. An expert in ASP technologies, Troy is highly proficient with HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, SQL, graphical user interfaces, and Windows Server Administration.

Alex Taylor - Designer and UK Representative

Alex joined DJ Event Planner in 2009 originally as a user, DJing at events every weekend, he found DJ Event Planner was perfect for his needs. He noticed instantly that DJ Event Planner was not well known in the UK. Alex offered to help Troy get DJ Event Planner more well known in the UK. Little did he know where this path would take him. Since becoming the UK rep Alex still continues to DJ however supporting and managing DJ Event Planner has pretty much become a full time thing.

Alex specialises in HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP and mobile/responsive development. He also has extensive knowledge in Social Media marketing and app development.