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DJEP Releases Version 3.7

Today marks the latest release of the DJEP software. The biggest new feature is Evaluation Forms for your clients. There are also 16 new features, including document sharing, customized autoresponders, auto-filled timelines, and event profitability reports. The internationalization of DJEP continues, with adjustments made for foreign currency amounts, dates, and times.

New Website Tools
* Evaluation Forms

* Salesperson Calendar: administrative to do items removed from the administrative to do list
* Dashboard Icons: Print Icon and Appointment Icon were changed
* Maximum Number of Employees loophole closed
* Request For Information Form: the first option for the event type is now blank, requiring the user to actually select the event type, previously they could just leave it as it was and the first event type would be used (which did not accurately reflect the true event type)
* Totally re-designed Timeline Template manager
* Paypal link: now includes event date and event id as part of the passed querystring
* Report/Export Date: Instead of the dj employee id number being exported for reports, their actual name is exported

* Past Due Report: Code was optimized in some cases yielding a 98% reduction in processing time
* Employee Email: links now provided to employees to have the verification email sent to them from within their own account
* Event Planning Forms: there is now a confirmation dialog box for form and section deletions
* HTML Document Templates: A "Duplicate" button has been added to the edit document template form which will allow you to quickly and easily make a copy of the document template
* Added to Data Replacement Fields: Addon Fees Total
* Event Information Page -> Create Email Drop Down: email document templates are now listed alphabetically by display name
* Request Information Field Forms: Guest Count and Setup Time were added as options fields
* Inbox Icons: notes, responded by telephone, added to database, replied by email
* Event Information Page: assigned employee names are now links to the employee information page instead of just static text
* Packages now have a field for default deposit amount or default deposit percentage
* Booking Helper: Next Action and Next Action Date were both added to the macro options
* Inbox: Check All functionality was added
* Event Information Page: Employee names are now links to the employees
* Email - Resend Button: there is now a button for any sent emails to resend it
* Date Replacement Filed - : now includes information about the meeting location
* Website Tools: Code is now provided for direct URL, an HTML link, and an HTML button
* Wedding Names Form: you can now display the wedding names form based on the event type - Setup -> Event Planning -> Names
* Schedule Email Event Type: select all link added
* Delete confirmation for saved data reports
* Event Information Page - Hover bubble added to Appointments/Client Contacts/To Do's
* Client Information Page - Hover bubble added to Appointments/Client Contacts/To Do's

New Features
* Document Sharing: a new system of sharing document templates has been implemented. This allows DJEP users to easily share contracts, marketing materials, mailing labels, and other forms.
* Event Information Page - Event Profitability: displays the total for all employee wages, total for all event related expenses, and the net profit
* Income Report: displays wage totals for events, months, and event types
* Day Planner Panel: Appointment Icon added
* Add On Quantities were added
* Request For Information Form: customizable autoresponder
* Inbox - Request Information Form: can now add booking notes to a request for information
* Inbox - Request Information Form: can now mark the message as Responded by Phone
* Autofill Timelines: assign default times (or time offsets), activities, and notes to timelines via the timeline tempates
* Fee Filler: will now calculate the retainer fee based on a percentage
* New Form Question Type: Horizontal Select One
* Time Offset: currently affects the pre-filled time when you and a new planner item (setting is found under company information)
* Booking Quote Importer: Ability to automatically parse an email from a popular competing product to help quickly import leads into the DJEP system. Setup -> Application Settings -> Event Form -> Booking Quote Importer will add the button to the Add Event Form
* Scheduled Emails: Ability to send to generated by employee
* Booking Helper Macro: Added ability to send and email to the generated by employee
* Client Contact Templates: ability to add client contact item and automatically pre-fill the Add Planner Item form

* Backend Dates: most have been converted to DD/MM/YY format for non US/CA countries
* Client Event Planner: All dates and currency values are internationalized
* Request For Information Form: ability to hid the Country option for the mailing address and event location
* Paypal Portal: can customize which paypal site (country) that the user is sent to for the payment gateway
* Leading zeros were added to single digit months and days

PDA Usability
* Added support for "Blackberry" user agent strings
* Added support for "Opera Mini" user agent strings

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